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Tezuka English Profile  

Tezuka English Profile


Tezuka English Profile

Osamu Tezuka



  • 1958 Born in Tokyo
  • 1981 Graduated from Chuo UniversityDepartment of Science and Technology, Mathematics Division
  • 1982 Studied music composion under late Takeo Watanabe(Composer)

Currently work as composer for music pieces to be used with images(theatre,
TV, animation, etc.)

Music Composition for dramas and events

Theatre play

  • "Invitation to the Dreaming City"
    • Written and Directed by Ben Osaka
  • "A Dangerous Party"
    • Written by Miki James, Directed by Takanori Yamamoto

TV Drama

  • "Parting is the Whisper of Spring"
    • Fuji TV '91 New Year Drama Special Directed by Takuji Tominaga
  • "Kabegiwa Zeimukan"
    • Fuji TV Directed by Syunichi Kobayashi
  • "Two Telephones"
    • TBS TV Directed by Haruyuki Suzuki
  • "Kita no Kome" China,Japan collaboration.
    • Directed by Tetsuya Tukada

Animation Films

  • "Fox Wood Tales" by Cynthia & Brian Paterson
    Produced by Nippon-Columbia Corporation
  • "Hobberdy Dick" by Katharine M. Briggs
    to be broadcasted on NHK Satelite Channel on 1992
  • "SLAYERS" by Hajime Kanzaka Directed by Takasi Watanabe
  • "Medarot" Directed by Tensai Okamura


  • Composition of "Suite Sabo" for Sabo Land at Osaka World Exposition '90
  • Music environment for the Toshiba Booth at "Data Show '


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